The “Room” in Text Adventure Games and Analysis of Real Geographical Locations in Aventuras AD Games

Juan José Muñoz Falcó, Raúl Montoliu Colás


This document presents a description of “room” (also known as “location”) in text adventure video games, that is, the minimum space in which players can find themselves. At the same time, and as an extension of this, the geography of text adventures developed in Spain is analyzed. Specifically, games produced by Aventuras AD: Supervivencia (1988), La Aventura Original (1989), Jabato (1989), Cozumel (1990), La Aventura Espacial (1990), Los Templos Sagrados (1991) and Chichén Itzá (1992). The fictional locations of three games and the real ones used in four others will be reviewed.


Text game; adventure game; geography; Spanish games; interactive fiction; videogame

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Published by the Digital Games Research Association.