Educating Interactive Narrative Designers: Cornerstones of a Program

Hartmut Koenitz, Christian Roth, Teun Dubbelman


In recent years, games with a focus on narrative have been a growing area. However, so far, interactive narrative aspects have not been the focus of video game education (with the noted exception of a small number of programs in game writing), which indicates that many narrative designers are self-trained. The insular status means that many designers use private vocabulary and conceptualizations that are not directly transferable. This state of affairs is an obstacle to productive discourse and has negative consequences for the further development of the professional field. By starting an educational program, we aim to address this problem using the opportunity to also include perspectives outside of games. We report on the first iteration of a minor in interactive narrative design, and reflect on lessons learned, while considering future trajectories for this and similar programs.


Ludonarrative pedagogy; game design education; interactive digital narrative (IDN); interactive narrative design; interactive narrative pedagogy

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Published by the Digital Games Research Association.