The Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise: A Case Study of Transmedia Storytelling Practices and Ludo Mix in Japan

Akinori Nakamura, Susana Tosca


The present article looks at the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and the role of digital games from the conceptual framework of transmedia storytelling and its relation to the ludo mix. We offer a historical account of the role of digital games in the development of “the Mobile Suit Gundam” series from a portfolio perspective, and show how a combination of various types of game genres, or otherwise ‘ludo mix’, played a role in enhancing the franchise’s convergent and divergent strategies, which contributed to the success of the series. Our case can show some insight into the importance of adopting a macro-level portfolio approach when considering specific game design choices in the overall ludo mix within the franchise.


Transmedia Storytelling; Media mix; Ludo mix; Business Strategy

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Published by the Digital Games Research Association.